Cooltech Applications
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MagFreeg is a project conducted by Cooltech Applications, a French company founded in 2003. This is the first company in the world to industrialize a Magnetic Refrigeration System (M.R.S) which aims to replace current fluorinated gas based compressors for the refrigeration and air conditioning markets.

In 2014, Cooltech Applications was granted by European Union through the CIP Eco-Innovation program to conduct the €1.7M MagFreeG Project. Indeed, this 30-month project aims to commercialize and deploy magnetic cooling all over Europe. The Cooltech's device (MRS) is the first industrialized gas free magnetic cooling system that offers a green alternative to existing gas based compressors for commercial refrigeration equipment such as display cases, beverage coolers, or refrigerated cabinets.

The deployment of MagFreeG will help end users (supermarkets, retail stores,…) respond to the Europe 2020 environmental objectives by, not only allowing carbon emissions reduction, but also providing significant energy savings and reduced maintenance in stores.

In terms of goals and objectives, Cooltech Applications, through the MagfreeG project, aims to create a new green alternative to current refrigerant gas based compressors, generating a saving of the equivalent of 3200 tons of CO2 emissions by the end of 2017, with the use of the water based Magnetic Refrigeration System (M.R.S) in professional refrigerated systems.

Furthermore, MagFreeG project plans to extend the M.R.S's cooling power from 400W (first generation of machine) to 1000W in order to permit Cooltech to approach gradually additional markets (Industrial & Medical refrigeration, Transportation and Storage, Air conditioning).