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Project achievements

MagFreeg project is based on 6 work packages :

WP 1: Management

WP 2: 400W Demonstrator and preliminary market implementation

WP 3: 1000W Demonstrator and continued market implementation

WP 4: New markets, Optimizations, Environmental gain and indicators 

WP 5: Business Plan and Exploitation

WP 6: Dissemination Activities

As of September 2015, the following works have been achieved :

WP2 :

The technical phase of the Work Package 2 has consisted in integrating a commercial demonstrator of the Magnetic Refrigeration System (MRS) into a partner’s device. As of now, several integrations have been performed by working as partners with our clients. The major benefits for Cooltech have been to demonstrate the improved working of its system and to generate returns of experience.

Regarding commercial activities, Chillventa (Nuremberg Oct 14-16) and the International Congress of Refrigeration (Yokohama August 16-22) were milestones for Cooltech Applications. Cooltech Applications established contacts and then business agreements with significant market actors (OEMs, End users).

WP3 :

The Work Package 3 aims to increase the cooling power of the MRS up to 1 000 W. A technology roadmap has been built to reach the target of 1 000 W. Before realizing the prototype, a scaled-up mockup was made by connecting two MRSs together to check different configurations and verify the behavior with different sub-systems. After this step, the MRS scale-up was launched and is now in the assembling phase and is ready for tests.


Cooltech Applications accomplished several market studies for complementary markets (Wine coolers, Air-conditioning, Domestic refrigeration…). These studies provide relevant information about the opportunities and the technological fit between our technology and the markets.


A 8 year business plan has already been made and assessed for approaching main targeted markets (Commercial Refrigeration, Air conditioning, Domestic Refrigeration and other BtoC markets). Cooltech Applications also made a report about European regulations, summarizing the different steps leading to the CE marking for our product.


A website, a leaflet and project information sheets have been released. Click here to access documents. A newsletter will be regularly sent to our emails database (over 800 emails). You may want to subscribe to our newletters (click "subscribe to e-news" on the homepage).