Cooltech Applications
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MagFreeG project was developed in order to help reach Cooltech Applications' potential and overcome the barriers when introducing a new technology in the market.
The M.R.S ("Magnetic Refrigeration System") will be able to replace many compressors in markets like commercial refrigeration, display cases, professional fridges, industrial chillers…
MagFreeG project is going to start a replacement of current polluting technology, using actual HFC based compressors by a gas free and energy efficient technology. Stricter international regulations on refrigerant gas may also bring the M.R.S to the forefront as a green alternative for end users.

Cooltech Applications: the movie

Introducing the Magnetic Cooling technology

Magnetization-Demagnetization cycles create a difference of temperature in specific material alloys, which when repeated continuously, produces the final and stabilized cold temperature in the refrigeration system. Similar to a heat pump process, Magnetic Cooling can be adapted to any kind of refrigerated system (professional fridge, display case, home appliance, …).

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